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JULY 32ND 2010

JULY 32ND 2010

Tags: nonton semi, nonton porno, nonton bokep

Cast: Eun-su Park,Hye-Rim Seong,Jung-kyun Kim

Synopsis: Directed by Jin Seung Hyun, the curiously titled indie drama July 32nd is inspired by the short story “Full Moon” by acclaimed writer Ko Un. Screened at the 2008 Fukuoka Film Festival and the 2008 Shanghai Film Festival, the film depicts the tumultuous relationship of a killer and his daughter, whose lives are upturned on July 31, 1987. Pursued by the police, he leaves his five-year-old daughter in someone else’s care, promising to pick her up the next day. But the next day never comes because he soon gets arrested. Years later, the abandoned daughter has grown up, and the waiting has turned into the longing for revenge.

Date: September 28, 2017